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Leading the change towards electrification

Advancing product innovation in the automotive sector

Electrification is one of the most important technology trends worldwide and a strong driver of product innovation in the automotive sector. Whether hybrid technology, battery-electric mobility or fuel cells, the electrification of powertrains is currently among the most efficient means of locally reducing CO₂ emissions from vehicles.

Here to prepare workshops for technological change

The technological leap brings new challenges for workshops. LKQ Europe estimates that battery-electric vehicles will require up to 50% fewer service repairs. More than 90% of vehicles sold in 2030, will also be equipped with driver assistance systems, causing the number of accident repairs to decline.

Employees will need to be trained in high-voltage systems, new diagnostic software and equipment will require greater investment. To enable our customers to prepare for this profound change, we provide innovative services, such as the LKQ Academy, our Europe-wide training programme.

LKQ Academy Training Center

Providing future-proof solutions for battery electric vehicles

The traction battery is the most valuable part of a battery electric vehicle and lasts between 10-14 years before it needs to be replaced. This raises the key question of what happens to a battery when it’s defective? Raw material scarcity, emission reduction targets and cost considerations all call for sustainable, long-term solutions. LKQ Europe has teamed up with RWTH Aachen University in Germany, to develop solutions for battery reuse, remanufacturing, repair and recycling that foster a sustainable future.