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Market leading services

More than just parts – empowering our customers to grow with valuable services

Our innovative range of services help our customers to grow their business and prepare for the future. LKQ’s unique pan-European training programme empowers partners, customers and employees to thrive with latest technical know-how. Today, more than 200 courses in 14 languages are available and our offering continually develops, expanding into all European markets.

Mastering elevated complexity

Vehicle development is progressing faster than ever. With each new generations of vehicles brought to market, the technological complexity rises, simultaneously increasing the demands placed on workshops. Electrification, digitalisation, driving assistance have a major impact on servicing vehicles.

As we strive to become the leading advanced aftermarket repair and maintenance training provider in Europe, we enable our customers and partners to meet these technological advancements.

Our training is built on
three key pillars

LKQ Employee in front of a laptop

Training programmes for every use case

LKQ’s advanced training covers nine areas of vehicle technology: diagnostics, electrics and electronics, engine management, hybrid technology, powertrain, air conditioning, chassis and body, surfaces, and trucks and trailers.

Workshop concepts

Our workshop concepts make up a professional network of more than 10,000 high-quality service centres. These partnering service centres have a strict criteria for participating in our workshop concepts.

In return we support our partners with modern marketing measures and tools to ensure high-quality processes and perfect customer service to help support their sales. This balance of quality, value and speed of repair is the perfect solution to get the end consumer back to the road.

Training lessons

Embracing the future

Marketing and management topics are also on the curriculum, with special attention given to the latest developments in electrification. High-voltage training courses for hybrid vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) are some of the most frequently booked LKQ Academy courses.