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Making leaps together

We create opportunities and drive growth

European CEO

  • Portrait Varun Laroyia
    Varun Laroyia
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director LKQ Europe Read more

Functional leaders

  • Yanik_Cantieni
    Yanik Cantieni
    Chief Financial OfficerRead more
  • Portrait of Dave Brookfield
    David Brookfield
    Vice President Human ResourcesRead more
  • Portrait of Antonio Calvosa
    Antonio Calvosa
    Vice President Strategy & InnovationRead more
  • Portrait of Martin Conrad
    Martin Conrad
    Vice President ComponentsRead more
  • Portrait of Chad Cowan
    Chad Cowan
    Chief Information OfficerRead more
  • Portrait of Ferdinando Imhof
    Ferdinando Imhof
    Chief Procurement OfficerRead more
  • Portrait of Ian Leedham
    Ian Leedham
    European Legal & Compliance DirectorRead more
  • Portrait of Claudia Martins
    Claudia Martins
    Vice President Supply Chain & LogisticsRead more

Regional CEOs

  • Portrait of Serafino Bartolozzi
    Serafino Bartolozzi
    Chief Executive Officer (Italy & Switzerland)Read more
  • Portrait of Alex Gelbcke
    Alex Gelbcke
    Chief Executive Officer (Netherlands, Belgium & France)Read more
  • Portrait of Andy Hamilton
    Andy Hamilton
    Chief Executive Officer (UK & Ireland)Read more
  • Portrait of Andras Lorincz
    Andras Lorincz
    Chief Executive Officer (Central Eastern Europe)Read more
  • Portrait of Frank Schoeller
    Frank Schöller
    Chief Executive Officer (Germany & Austria)Read more
  • Portrait of Magnus Tagesson
    Magnus Tagesson
    Chief Executive Officer (Scandinavia)Read more