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Bold actions for a brighter future

En route to zero emissions

To ensure we meet the Paris Climate Agreement and target net zero emissions by 2050, we’re reducing carbon emissions – wherever possible. By 2030 we aim to reduce global Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 30% compared to 2021 baseline relative to revenue. By 2050 we aim to achieve net zero emissions across our operations. In our transportation and logistics, facilities, buildings and supply chain, LKQ Europe is focused on reducing CO₂ emissions. Given the non-manufacturing nature of our operations, we’re confident that our shipping, transportation, and logistics functions are the greatest opportunity areas for reducing carbon emissions.

Our ESG goals - Environment

  • 30%

    By 2030, reduce global scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 30% compared to the 2021 baseline relative to revenue.

  • Net Zero

    By 2050 achieve net zero emissions across our operations

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-30 right teaser
LKQ truck fleet

Sustainable Fleet

Reducing to renew

The future of LKQ Europe’s fleet sustainability strategy also centres around reducing the environmental and societal impact of our vehicles including the by adoption of low or zero-emission fuels and vehicles, right-sizing to meet fleet needs, using stop-start technology to reduce fuel usage, and selecting cleaner, more efficient engines.


Pioneering the circular economy

We are the largest car dismantling chain in the Nordics and leaders in environmentally friendly car dismantling, recycling and remanufacturing of OEM automotive parts in Nordic countries. Driven by our passion for the environment, we play a major role in the industry's recycling machinery. Working with insurance companies, we enable car owners, repair shops and dismantlers to repair cars easily and more cost-effectively – as well as recycle to protect the environment.

Improving lifecycle management

Our objective is to reduce emissions from our buildings. For instance, our facilities sustainability plans and initiatives include increasing the amount of renewable energy we procure directly, installing PV and the upgrading to LED lightning.

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