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Unleashing potential to shape the future

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Transforming trends into rewarding customer experiences

The current and future automotive aftermarket is driven by connectivity, electrification, drivers assistance systems, changing car parcs, digital channels and shared mobility. By transforming trends into opportunities, we ignite growth for our customers both now and in the future. The result is seamless and sustainable mobility for all.

Customers & markets

  • Workshops

  • Wholesale

  • Intermediaries

  • OEMs

  • Consumers

  • Segments

    Auto parts, leisure & accessories, auto recycling

  • Capabilities

    Great brands, leading assortment, world-class logistics, digital solutions, pan-European network

  • Vision

    The leading auto service system by 2030

  • KPIs

    Growth at +2% above market, double digit EBITDA margin, attractive TSR

  • Sustainability

    Planet, people, communities

Empowering our customers to go further

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Supporting workshops, fleet, wholesale, intermediaries and consumers are some of the domains we thrive in. By continuously expanding in Europe, we offer high-quality products and services to our customers. Our reliable delivery is backed by world-class logistics, ground-breaking digital solutions, unparalleled selection, and a pan-European network of expertise.


Pioneering positive change for people and the planet

Passionately protecting the climate and pioneering change is in our business DNA. Our beginnings as recyclers in 1998, reveal we’ve been environmentally-focused from day one. As an environmental leader, we’re the largest recycler of vehicles today. Our North American operations recycle more than 90% of materials from vehicles we procure and our European segment is engaged in sustainability projects that improve our communities. By reducing CO₂ emissions, we also contribute to meeting environmental Paris Agreement targets.


Driving the independent automotive aftermarket forward

Innovation is at the core of our business DNA. At LKQ Europe we are convinced that investments in new business models, products and services are essential to keep delivering added value to our customers.

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Advancing through adversity

LKQ Corporation and LKQ Europe have skilfully managed the impacts of the COVID-19 since the start of pandemic. Throughout 2020, we worked flexibly and controlled costs to reinforce our future viability. Customer support remain a top priority for our teams, who work to help our networks through challenging times.